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New Year. New Thoughts...Kind of.

Well, it's 2024.

Happy New Year from K. Renee

We made it through 2023 and into a new year, and I have thoughts! Many folks have already started working on their New Year resolutions, and to be quite frank. I'm already over it. 🤷🏾‍♀️

A quick perusal of that blue app on the 31st was already marred by countless "let's leave *blank* in 2023..." posts. People were allegedly leaving everything from spandex to power-seeking preachers in 2023, and all the posturing was exhausting.

Don't get me wrong; I understand the urge to clean house and start a new year with a blank slate. However, as the age-old idiom says, talk is cheap. There's a reason the gym regulars roll their eyes at the January influx every year. It rarely lasts.

I'd much rather be silently reflective, self-aware, submitted to the gentle prods of the Holy Spirit, and allow my graceful transformation to speak for me. Heavy on the grace - light on the speak. But, as I'm being all introspective and whatnot, I'm finding my lack of focus disheartening, to say the very least. I just can't pinpoint the straight and narrow way to 2024 being the year I drip with main-character energy or whatever the kids say.

Shouldn't becoming that girl come more naturally? Should I name and claim that this is the year I become a bonafide baddie, or would I smell just as sweet by any other name? Pop music and Shakespeare aside, I guess I'm just yearning for all the answers to all my personal problems and a guarantee that everything will click into place this year, just as I desire.

Am I asking too much?🙃

Alas, the first day of the year always causes my internal voice to wax eloquent, rambly, and a bit punch drunk. My thoughts sometimes jumble as I vacillate between wanting to do all the things and wanting just to relinquish all aspirations and rest in the proverbial lazy river of God's will. As if!

*Heavy on the rest - light on the lazy...but more on that later.

The point is, as I enter 2024, I'm finding myself at the same crossroads, as always. Trust my plan and best efforts in this new year, hoping for my best-imagined outcomes -or- trust God's plan and release the consequences and glory to Him.

I'm sure you can guess the option I'm hoping to choose each morning that God breathes new grace and mercy into my life, but I'll leave it unsaid and hope that my walk talks for me.

Here's to seeing what lies around the bend in 2024!

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