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The K stands for Kimberly and I LOVE telling stories! It’s what I was crafted to do. I’m a storyteller. As long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed fantastical dreams and I’ve crafted compelling stories. I’d think up dialogs in my head all day long while people watching and over analysing my life. It was a grandly shy and introverted existence that my parents thwarted by entering me in oratorical and essay contests and enrolling me in extracurricular activities and programs. Thus began my career in learning, writing, and telling stories. You'd think this is where the story would blossom into a victorious tale of bestselling novels, high profile clients, and international ted talks. You'd be wrong.


I'm the type of person who can easily become paralyzed in fear, doubt, worry, and being overwhelmed. I remember having a messy room when I was a little girl and setting out to clean it. I had big plans until I went to the middle of the room, turned in a circle, took in how messy it was, and sat down with tears in my eyes. You see, I kept telling myself the worst stories. You know the ones: I'll NEVER be able to get this room clean. This job is TOO big for me. I'm not a good person because I let it get THIS BAD in the first place. Why aren't I SMART ENOUGH to know where to start?


Similar feelings of inadequacy, uncertainty, and fear kept me paralyzed in every aspect of my life until I decided to finally stop telling myself those horrible fictions. The truth is, I have everything I need to fulfill my purpose! I decided to take back control of my story!


Over the years, I’ve lived, imagined, and written quite a few stories. Some have been rythmic and  poetic, some inspiring and practical, others heartbreaking and horrifying. The one thing they all have in common is that they have sharpened my God-given gift of storytelling. From the very first time that a teacher praised my wordsmithing to the latest memior that I edited, I have spent years realizing that I don’t just like words. I’m not just a talented writer. I have been created to tell stories that hit the mark. Whether it is words, or images, I have a unique and divinely inspired calling to capture the essence of a story and convey it. You can check out my blog to read some of my stories, if you like! 


You have a story, too. Whether it’s personal or in business, I can help you tell it. Do you need a brand story? I’m your girl. Do you need help polishing your resume? You’re in the right place! Is your business’s visual story not connecting with your desired audience? Say. No. More. 


Let me be clear. The story is the most powerful form of interaction there is. That goes for interpersonal and business interactions, alike. You don't have to listen to or tell horrible stories about yourself. Let me help you take back control of your story. 

Let Me Tell You A Story...

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