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Meet the K. Renee Creative Agency

First of all, just let me say...

The year of our Lord, 2020, has been SOMETHING! Has it not?

For we have come this far by faith, Netflix, Animal Crossing, Black Twitter, hand sanitizer, and Shipt, and it has been a glorious ride, thus far!

I have survived being 7 months pregnant and hospitalized with COVID, an all natural *no epidural* delivery, bringing a beautiful baby girl home during isolation, transitioning back to full time work *on my terms*, working in a house with a loud, and proud, extrovert, America's sociopolitical shenanigans, and the general and perpetual black woman experience.

Your girl is TIRED!

But your girl is also brimming with excitement about what GOD HAS DONE and IS DOING! Y'all, He's doing a work in me and it is marvelous in my sight! The Lord has truly blessed me in this unbelievably challenging year...thus the thanks and praise.

One of the things that God has done is take me to my next level in business. The last year has been a whirlwind of transition and faith leaps and learning to trust Him in every situation. I have sat quietly in His presence and communed with Him long enough to learn what my individual focus should be within the bounds of glorifying Him. I have a new clarity in my personal and professional life and it is liberating. There is a boldness that comes from fully submitting to God's design for your life.

All that to say, as some of you already know, I am a storyteller through and through. It's what God created me to do. I weave words and imagery in compelling and impactful ways. I see connections and applications where others don't. I paint vivid pictures where others can't. I connect to God's own storytelling nature in ways that others won't. I've learned that we all have something that God gifted us with and I want to help you identify it and use it to God's glory.

I'm not the only storyteller that God made but I'm the only storyteller that God made to tell the stories He assigned to me! Maybe your story is one of them. I spend my time telling the stories God gives me and helping others do the same. I do this in strategically creative, compelling, and cohesive ways, for maximum impact and results. The K. Renee Creative Agency can help you tell your personal or brand story through creative and copy writing, branding consultation, graphic design, and web design.

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